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Push Up Bars

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Push Up Bars – Home Workout Equipment Pushup Handle with Cushioned Foam Grip and Non-Slip Sturdy Structure – The Push Up Handle for Floor are Great for Both Men & Women Strength Workouts

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✅COMPLETE UPPER BODY WORKOUT – N1Fit pushup bar reduces the strain on your wrists and increases the effectiveness of the push ups – Angled incline bar helps isolate different muscle groups; Easy to change direction and spacing of bars to exercise pectorals, deltoids and triceps as well as chest and shoulders – EFFECTIVE AND SMOOTH Perfect Push Up with less STRAIN ON YOUR WRIST

💪STRONG & LIGHTWEIGHT – The Each push up stand is constructed of industrial grade PVC for superior strength; lightweight for ease of portability; no moving parts to wear out; The pushup stands are perfect use for cardio, muscle build and cross fit. Optimize your workout to target different muscle groups with these versatile push ups equipment;The handstand bars have a variety of workouts

👌HIGH QUALITY & SLIP RESISTANT – N1Fit push up handles for floor are designed and produced to be extremely stable during workouts. They feature foam handles that helps to perform your push-ups comfortably. The base provides stability, ensuring that the pushups bars will not slip out of place or slide while you are working out. Start toning your upper body and develop your muscle groups!

💡USE IT ANYWHERE – Push up bars are ideal for home gym, personal training and fitness; disassembles for compact storage; requires small footprint compared to other gym equipment; EASY TO PACK & LIGHTWEIGHT – ideal way to stay fit when on-the-go As a result of push up bar’s lightweight and easy assemble design, it is very easy to pack push up bars in your bag to enjoy push ups in your trips

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Dimensions 50 × 3 × 70 in

1 review for Push Up Bars

  1. Brian Fullford

    I spend way too much on fitness. I bought N1Fit pushup equipment because 1) I work from home and wanted to add a low cost item to my existing fitness equipment, 2) I didn’t want to spend the money to make it myself, and 3) I wanted something I could include when I travel. Let’s look at the claims.

    1. The incline/decline (depending how you place them) is a benefit. I can feel the focus on a variety of muscle groups.
    2. I haven’t used them enough to speak for the low impact nature, but I feel no strain when pumping out a 30 rep set.
    3. These are almost weightless, and transporting them is a breeze. On trail runs I can carry them for a cross fit style routine (yeah I could use what nature give me but that can be hit and miss). Disassembly is easy as well.
    4. I’m 183 pounds and I have no fear of breaking these while performing pushups.
    5. The non-slip nature is my only gripe. The hand pads are comfortable foam, but the end caps for the floor pipes are plastic. I would prefer they were rubber for better grip. I have hardwood floors and I’m mindful of slip potential. That said, I’ve had ZERO instances in which these have slipped. Just be mindful of this feature.

    The slip piece is not enough to not drop these down a star. The product detail is valid, and for the cost these are an excellent purchase. Don’t overthink your purchase. Don’t think you need bells and whistles, or some heavy grade material. It’s a pushup.

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