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Weighted Jump Rope

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Weighted Jump Rope – (1.5LB) Solid PVC 12mm Diameter for Crossfit and Boxing – Heavy Jump Rope with Memory Non-Slip Cushioned Foam Grip Handles for Fitness Workouts Endurance and Strength Training

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💥BLASTS CALORIES – Using a 1.5 LB weighted jump rope you can burn nearly TWICE the NUMBER of CALORIES as other cardio training tools. The jump rope is ideal for HIIT Workout/Interval Training/Cross fit/Boxing/ to Increase weight loss, Stamina and Endurance. The jump rope workout will work your shoulders, glutes, entire back, hamstrings, triceps and forearms

👌PREMIUM QUALITY HEAVY JUMP ROPE – Designed with superior materials the jump rope weighted comes with a pair of comfortable ERGONOMIC NON-SLIP HANDLES that ensures an efficient training. This provides a top-class handling feeling – soft, comfortable, natural and sweat-proof. The Weighted jump rope is 108” and has an extremely easy to use Length Adjusting System based on your preference

✅A Ready-To-GO Weighted Jump Rope FOR EVERYONE – The weighted jump rope spins slower than regular Jump Ropes due its weight. The slow spinning provides a proper jump timing, helps improve your upright posture so that your entire back and shoulder muscles are engaged in the arc correctly. Our weighted jump rope for women men is good for beginners to experts and can be used for all age

💪POWER YOUR UPPER BODY ESPECIALLY SHOULDERS – Weighted Jump Rope requires and develops upper body strength in order to continue spinning the rope for continuous jumps so in each spin your entire back, shoulder and forearms muscles engaged. Shoulder muscles are the responsible from the entire control of the movement that provides strengthening on should muscles regardless how fit you ar

❤SHOP with confidence: 2 YEARS WARRANTY & RISK FREE PURCHASE for your Weighted Jump Rope for exercise. N1Fit is renowned for it`s World Class customer service and 100% Positive Feedback (over 50.000 worldwide product PURCHASES) As your first crossrope jump rope if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase or something happens with your product, WE WILL CHANGE IT immediately

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Weight1.9 oz
Dimensions10 × 10 × 3.3 in

2 reviews for Weighted Jump Rope

  1. Robert

    Most people think of jump roping and the speed you can get while using one. However, what I like about this is you focus less on the speed, but on the endurance to keep on going. The added weight definitely adds a challenge and ups your cardio! It took a bit of getting used to but now I use it almost everyday! Also love that it’s easily adjustable in terms of length to suit all people of different heights!

  2. Lauren Brook

    OMG y’all. THIS JUMP ROPE. I jump rope a LOT, multiple times a week and for up to an hour. I wanted to challenge myself with something weighted so I purchased this item. When it came (and it’s packaged very nicely!) I was like, eh, it doesn’t even feel that heavy…JUST WAIT. I was exhausted in 5 minutes! I actually will do 10 minutes of this heavy rope, then 10 of a lighter one, then back to heavy, etc. because i cannot physically do longer than 10 minutes yet with this heavy rope. And again, I jump rope a LOT and I’m in good shape. This jump rope just changes the game for me – I have to adjust my posture, my swing, everything – I was drenched in sweat when I was done and started feeling muscle soreness (in a good way) within hours. GREAT tool. I’m very happy so far and ready to up my jump-rope game!

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